Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just watched the Government stock the lake


We have a lake right behind our house, Nanticoke lake, and it's part of a MUA. what is a MUA you ask? I hadn't heard of them before we moved here, but it is a Multiple Use Area. Basically a state maintained area that is primarily for sportmanship (hunting fishing, etc.) but you can also swim or picnic there if you like. Pretty cool, and it's nice that the state is supportive of the predominant pastime in our area.

Well, Nanticoke lake is not natural, it is a dammed lake. It's got some Bass in it but the big draw for the local sportsmen is that the government stocks it with trout. Trout can't live in there year round (it gets too warm in the summer) so it's basically shooting fish in a barrel. Since the trout grew up in a tank about 100 miles from here, and the Gov't didn't give them a map, they have little idea where to hide in Nanticoke lake.

Now, I was familiar with this practice before moving here, it is commonplace across the country in fact, but I had never seen it actually go down, until today.

The Gov't drives their truck'o'fish down to the park, then off loads the fish into trashcans full of water on the back of an ATV. Then they drive down the access road with the fish and dump them into the lake. Pretty much how you'd expect it to go down, except I haven't mentioned the 14 "sportsmen" who are standing there, waiting for the fish to hit the lake, so that they can then catch them with their rods and reels. It was an amazing sight, especially because all these guys are in camo, presumably so the Gov't won't notice them.

I'm all for hunting and fishing, but this is just silly. It is exacerbated by the fact that I can't go to the same lake during Canada Geese season and shoot any of the birds that wallow about on the shores of the lake, because it's unsportsmanlike (apparently they have to be in the air?) These are the same geese that land in a park in NYC and are offed by the same Gov't by the tens of thousands.

I Can dig a hole in the ground, build a fort like I wanted to do when I was 8, set up a bunch of spy cameras to see the world above (again, like I wanted to do when I was 8) put out 2,000+ fake geese, and pop my silly sportsmen head out of the hole and shoot like a maniac at flying geese. did I mention I made the fort in the middle of a corn field, full of bird food?


If I can sneak up on an animal that can fly, and get close enough to shoot it dead, I have to believe I'm more of a sportsman than the guy in the fort. Apparently not.


  1. It's sporting of the sportsmen to give the fish a sporting chance by waiting until they're in the lake to yank them out of the lake. You know, as opposed to dropping a line in those trashcans full o' fish.

  2. I suggested to Becky that they could even step into the trashcans and collect the fish, as they were equipped to do so.

  3. All that hunting/fishing stuff gets super weird the more people there are who want to do it and the less areas to do it in. It is no longer about providing food for you family and more about "shootin' some damn ducks!"
    It's also crazy that it is someone's job to breed and hatch those trout who aren't there to repopulate or restore balance, but whose whole purpose is for the enjoyment of a bunch of eager men dressed in camo (and probably some animals get in on the action).
    oh, my. Did you hear about all those whales off of Cape Cod? (probably, as your electronic communicative resources pour-ith forth...^_^) Yeah, plankton!